What do you do if your leather wallet ever gets soaking wet?

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What do you do if your leather wallet ever gets soaking wet? DiLoro Leather - Designed in Switzerland

Your leather wallet may get wet if you get caught in a downpour of rain or accidentally pour water on it, or - you left it in your pants or jacket that is in the laundry already spinning in the dry cycle... Not to worry, here is how you dry a leather wallet the proper way:

  • Gently wipe the surface clean with a dry, clean cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature. Keep your wallet closed (bifold), don't leave it open or it will not lay flat anymore when folded.
  • To keep the original shape of your leather wallet insert a credit card on each side of the billfold, do this only after you let the wallet dry for about an hour.
  • DO NOT use a blow dryer or expose your wallet to extreme heat since that will cause the leather to become wrinkled.

So you see, a good leather wallet can even survive getting soaking wet just as long as you know how to dry out a leather wallet properly.

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 DiLoro Men's Leather Wallets Dimensions you should know before making a purchase.

Key facts to know before buying your next leather wallet.

Knowing what you want from your next Leather Wallet is one thing but being able to find that information online can be challenging at times. I've come across many websites that show a front picture of a wallet, maybe an inside shot, but that's about it. We believe that providing you with as much detail and information about the product is essential to making a good choice in selecting your next wallet (or any online products).

Our DiLoro Leather Wallets come in different shapes and sizes and since not everybody is looking for the same type of wallets we try to give you all the details about the product right up front. A picture is always helpful, especially it you can see the proportion of the wallet, having the measurements as well as other detailed descriptions should make the selection process easier. You can always find detailed information in the "Specifications" section or get the exact measurements of the product under the "Dimensions" tab.

All DiLoro Men's Leather Wallets are equipped with strong RFID Blocking Technology


All of our DiLoro Leather Wallets are equipped with strong RFID blocking technology. What is RFID and do I really need it? There is a lot of information about this subject out on the internet and like with everything else, there are different opinions and arguments for or against the need of RFID protection. From what we have learned at DiLoro, we decided to include the RFID shield with every leather wallet that we produce, it's better to err on safety and give you the extra protection which will also give you the extra peace of mind.

Why should you use an RFID blocking wallet?

  • Your personal information on cards with RFID chips are vulnerable to theft by pickpockets using RFID scanners unless you have the special linings provided by all DiLoro RFID blocking leather wallets.
What is RFID?
  • RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. The chip-based technology is used by many industries in many roles and is often used in credit cards or passports to store personal information, which can be transmitted to an RFID scanner.
What is RFID Theft?
  • RFID theft (often referred to as skimming) is when someone uses a scanner to read and duplicate the personal information from your RFID enabled gear without your knowledge.
RFID Protection is included with every DiLoro Men's Leather Wallet

See all our top quality leather wallets online and choose your new wallet today!

DiLoro Men's Leather Wallet with Italian Leather Briefcase - Designed in Switzerland

We hope this information was helpful to you.

Let us know if this information was helpful in your decision making process.
We'd love to hear your suggestions or comments on what we can add to make it even easier for you to find the right product(s) on our website.

Visit us at DiLoro Leather - Designed in Switzerland today!

PS: Good question from Bill "Will my RFID wallet still work if it gets soaking wet?" The Answer is "YES", it will still work after you dried your wallet following the above steps.

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Will my RF ID wallet still work if it gets soaking wet?

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