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Parker Ingenuity Small 5th Mode Pen Pink Gold PVD Slightly Tarnished


Collections: Fine Writing

Type: Office Product

Parker Ingenuity Small Pink Gold PVD

The Parker Ingenuity is a revolutionary line of pens that have the look of fountain pen and none of the mess. Using Parker's new 5th refill this pen provides an extremely smooth writing experience and brand new pen platform. The unique refill has several advantages including a stable regular ink flow no leakage in high altitudes and adaptability to one's writing style with its soft felt-tip writing feel.

Enjoy the satisfaction of writing with an innovative modern Parker Ingenuity pen.

SKU: S0959140

Condition: This pen is brand new but due to prolonged storage it developed some light tarnish on the finish. Item is Sold-as-is but it is still covered by the full manufacturer warranty. DiLoro is an authorized reseller for the Parker brand.

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