Venlo Triple Burlwood 9 Watch Case Box



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Triple Burlwood

Type: Watch Case

This elegant Venlo Triple Burlwood 9 Nine Watch Case holds nine watches using pillow diameters of 60mm, includes lock and key. Your fine timepieces deserve a worthy resting place; a luxury case that protects and stores them properly when they're not on your wrist.

Every Venlo watch case has been designed with today's watches in mind - the cases have plenty of room for modern, oversized pieces, yet work equally well to protect your heirloom watches. Rest assured that your watches will be well-protected as they rest in Venlo's handsome, tarnish-free lining, safely stored when they're not on your wrist.

Venlo Triple Burlwood cases reflect a timeless and classic look that is so prized among collectors. The iconic, deep finish veneer is made exclusively for Venlo in Italy. This veneer is engineered from maple, oak and ash timbers. These three woods combine to create a sophisticated three-dimensional that stands the test of time with its beauty and functionality.


  • Venlo Watch Case Triple Burlwood 9 Holder
  • Holds 9 watches.
  • Watch Pillow Diameter: 60 mm
  • Lock and Key: Yes
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" x 3.5"
  • SKU: wc-9-tb

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